Contents & Graphic Virtual Assistant

I know how frustrating it is to have hundreds of tasks in your head that had to be done yesterday.

I know how hard it feels to have to abandon hundreds of wonderful ideas because nobody knew how to implement them or there was no time to do it.

Not to mention if you have a thousand other things on top of your head. You have to attend to the blog and social networks, you have to file taxes, you have to do the laundry and get the food ready….

And even if you don’t have them, maybe you consider (well) that the hours you spend on Canva could be better spent attending your clients, attending a training or just lying in bed doing nothing.

We all have tasks we’d rather delegate.

So, if your problem is that for whatever reason you want to get the tasks that have to do with the content of your blog out of the way…

I can give you a hand as content and design assistant

Don’t have the time or inclination to take care of the visual aspect of your web site, or to layout your reports and presentations? Does it give you existential anguish to think that you need to master complex programs to retouch your photos? I’ll do it for you.

  • Basic visual identity
  • Graphic design for your blog and social networks
  • Creation of infographics and other supporting graphics
  • Layout of documents, reports and other documents (lead magnets)
  • Creation of posters, business cards, IDs, folders and certificates

Don’t expect something overly produced. I will most likely use Shutterstock templates, free images and other similar resources. But I do assure you (and I swear on my cat) that it will look a hundred times more professional than if you resigned yourself to Paint.

That said, I recommend you to check my portfolio to get an idea of my design style and see if it fits your project.

If, rather, you want to outsource some repetitive, heavy or procastinable aspects of content production for your project, I’m here to help you with:

  • Web research
  • Data entry
  • Proofreading, editing and layout of documents and entries
  • Content recycling for cross-platform use
  • Approval and moderation of comments
  • Editorial calendar management
  • Basic photo, video and podcast editing

Some interesting questions


I don’t offer support to users and clients (either by social networks, email or other means), or management of the mentioned platforms or their respective communities, or tasks that require phone calls, or other marketing and administrative tasks. My specialty is graphic design and written content production assistance.

I don’t write promotional publications, sales letters, email funnels and similar texts. For those assignments you would be better off looking for a copywriter. I don’t do SEO either; there are other experts who understand Google’s algorithm better than I do. But I could assist you (or your copywriters) in the research prior to writing the text.

I’m not interested in TikTok and I don’t want to download the app. If you’re looking for help for that network, sorry, I’m not the man you’re looking for.

Currently, I don’t offer moderation of webinars and livecasts because I don’t have the experience or technologies to do so.

Despite the above, remember that if we work together it is because I find that the subject of your project engages me enough to want to keep digging into it for months or years to come. I simply point out where I might not be the right professional (and where I am) for your purposes.

Do we work together?

I’ll be happy to help you with anything you need!

Before requesting any information, please read this page and the General Contracting Conditions carefully. If there is something not clear to you, you can also send me a message with your question. I will try to answer it in less than 24 hours (except Saturdays and Sundays, Lima time / UTC−5).

To better understand your needs and make a fair estimate, please send the original material and detail the following information:

  • What exactly do you need? Do you require a final text with layout or is a text document sufficient? What is the file type of the original material?
  • Who is your project for? The whole of the Spanish-speaking world or just a given region? What is the age range and educational level of your audience? Are there any additional relevant socio-demographic characteristics?
  • What values are you looking to convey? What style and corporate identity guidelines should I follow for that purpose? (Includes use of anglicisms, inclusive writing, local slang, vocabulary from previous translations, bibliographic reference formats, and other stylistic preferences)
  • Do you have a deadline to meet?

You can attach here a file of up to 25 MB with the original material. If the file is rejected by this form, I suggest uploading it in a ZIP file, sharing it through a platform like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, or sending me your request by e-mail.

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