Audio and video transcription in Spanish

Do you have a podcast and want to turn it into articles for your blog or chapters for a future book? Do you record video courses and want to make the text available to your students?

Transcribing audio and video is a task you could do perfectly well. However, for a good quality recording and a single speaker, the time it can take can be five or six times the length of the file, maybe a little more. In other words, transcribing a one-hour or ninety-minute talk could take you an afternoon.

Of course, you could resort to speech recognition programs. Although they’re a great help, you would still have to spend some time verifying that the text matches what was said, putting punctuation marks where they belong and correcting other details.

If you want to save that couple of hours to, I don’t know, watch a movie or prepare your next talk, I can help you both with the transcription of your materials in Spanish and with the subsequent editing of the content (formatting and layout of the document in question). Specifically, I do the following work:

  • Transcription of conferences and symposiums
  • Transcription of interviews
  • Transcription of meetings
  • Transcription of podcasts
  • Transcription of lives and webinars
  • Transcription of voice dictations
  • Transcription for e-learning platforms
  • Transcription of documentaries
  • Transcription of handwritten notes
  • Transcription of text in screenshots, photos and videos

This service is aimed at students, teachers, authors, experts, lecturers, personal trainers, communicators, influencers, researchers, commercial writers and other professional content creators who wish to delegate the transcription of their audiovisual materials or the correction of the results obtained with speech or text recognition software.

We will almost always work with what is known as natural transcription, that in which the features of orality (such as crutches and interjections) are omitted. Verbatim transcription, which does take them into account, is more commonly used in other fields; if you need it for any reason, just let me know.

Some interesting questions


It depends.

In principle, I charge per minute of audio or video, depending on the sound quality and additional requirements (placement of timestamps, identification of speakers and any other details). Therefore, I’ll ask you to send me the original material (in case it is not available to the public) for the preparation of the estimate and the determination of the delivery time.


While I can recognize (and transcribe) audio and text fragments in Quechua, English and Japanese, right now I only work with original content in Spanish.


At the moment, I don’t transcribe for the judicial, police and medical fields.

I also don’t offer video subtitling, only transcription of the content.

Do we work together?

I’ll be happy to help you with anything you need!

Before requesting any information, please read this page and the General Contracting Conditions carefully. If there is something not clear to you, you can also send me a message with your question. I will try to answer it in less than 24 hours (except Saturdays and Sundays, Lima time / UTC−5).

To better understand your needs and make a fair estimate, please send the original material and detail the following information:

  • What exactly do you need? A natural or literal transcription? Is it enough to get the plain text or do you need to format it in order to work with it? What is the file type of the original material? For what purpose will the text be used?
  • Who is your translation for? How was the recording obtained, and are there interferences and background noises that make it difficult to recognize the voices? In addition to Spanish, are there parts in other languages?
  • Do you have a deadline to meet?

You can attach here a file of up to 25 MB with the original material. If the file is rejected by this form, I suggest uploading it in a ZIP file, sharing it through a platform like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, or sending me your request by e-mail.

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