I’m Eduardo Vera and I welcome you to Mirimiri as warmly as Ica, my hometown.

I help authors, experts and entrepreneurs to deliver their message among the Spanish-speaking world through content translation and VA services of design and contents.

My fields of interest are: general studies, computer science, medicine and health care, photography, travels, biology, psychology, pharmacology, research, law and economics.

Currently my services are:

The services I offer here are the product of skills learned empirically over the past few years. I have the commitment to get certified and join some association… as soon as I become independent and get the money, of course. I particularly think that preparing to take the CIOL DipTrans and the Cambridge Proficiency Exam would give me a decent level.

Mirimiri means nothing as I know. Maybe that’s why I decided to adopt the name. Besides, it can be pronounced without problems in Quechua and Japanese (ミリミリ).

I tell my story in more detail on my blog Shiny dreamer (in Spanish). If you like my writing and want to buy me a coffee with chocolate milk, just send it via PayPal.

Ten things about me

Hey, Eduardo, don’t you have Tinder or what?

I don’t. Anyway, keep reading. Maybe you’ll find out if it would be a good idea to follow me and work (or not) with me.

  1. Dogs, in general, scare me. Even their owners don’t believe that “they don’t bite”.
    I prefer cats a thousand times. They do bite and scratch even your eyes, but they rarely leave you with bloody legs and will almost never chase you as you go down the street riding a jitensha.
  2. For me, pharmacology is setsunai, but has a kawaii side. It’s the subject I’m most fond of, for all the trouble it took me to understand and pass it.
    By the way, please don’t ask me what to take for the heart because I don’t know in order to give that advice, besides getting a university degree, I would have to identify the pathophysiological problem in your heart.
  3. My favorite song in the world is Bye bye by Ai Otsuka. It’s so special because it’s my song from when I passed pharmacology and when, years later, I took my first trip of over a thousand kiro in a week.
    Depending on my mood, you might also find me obsessing over Mirai Connection by ЯeaL or It’s a Popular Song by fhána.
  4. My favorite season is winter (from June to September). In fact, my adventures and fantasies with crushes are usually set in the cold and foggy months in the city.
    However, my favorite month is May. Maybe it’s because of that transitional feeling between the warm season and perpetual cold, maybe because it’s mid-course exams season, maybe because of many fond memories.
  5. I’m an unpresentable. I don’t know how other people have perfect lives, indulge in expensive whims, and put up with wearing suits and heels for ten hours in a row. I’m happy with my six soles menu with a pitcher of barley. I go to all the “serious” things with my “operating room” outfit, if I feel like going. And please don’t even invite me to a meeting where they play cumbia, salsa and reggaeton.
  6. I’m terrible at tasting and receiving food. In fact, I would also appreciate it if you would never invite me to eat.
    Trying to guess what foods I would like to try is one of the most frustrating things in the world. I ignore it myself. By default, almost everything I don’t know makes me sick to my stomach.
    Even my close family can’t guess my tastes.
    Seriously, don’t.
  7. I get fed up fast (less than three months) with intense people who try to get too involved in every detail of my life, with those who try to maintain a friendship by chatting on the phone almost every day and with those who insist on offering me things that I have never asked for, let alone need.
    Many times I won’t say anything because I’m interested in keeping the peace, but I can cut off contact at any time, for no apparent reason and without giving you a chance to “fix things”, especially if there is no professional contract involved.
    For the same reason, I can be quite sullen and distant, even with my closest friends.
    The one who warns does not betray.
  8. I can have quite harsh opinions for those who come from a culture of victimhood and feel (micro)offended because it is free. Don’t ask me for “political correctness” on issues such as “gender” ideology idealism, positive discrimination or social “rights” struggles. Nor expect me to cheerfully endorse any attempt to impose these ideas through language, laws or public education.
  9. Happiness, passion, truth, peace and freedom are the values around which I seek to guide my life.
  10. “The day I die, I don’t want anyone to cry — I want them to sing and dance until my last resting place” (attributed to cumbia singer Chacalón).

Header image: Selfie by Eduardo Vera-Palomino (that is to say, mine) taken in June 2017 and distributed with a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.